grandma & auntie, you are faithfully grand!

You are invited join us in this sisterhood where we learn ways to build our faith and connect with our grandkids and nieces & nephews to impact future generations...

Are You a Grandma, a Future Grandma, or an Aunt?

The Bible says over and over again that the faithfulness of one will remain for generations in a family -

In Psalm 103 the Bible says "But the love of the Lord remains forever with those who fear him. His salvation extends to the children’s children of those who are faithful to his covenant, of those who obey his commandments!" (v. 17-18)

Do you know about the influence you can have? When we build our faith to overflowing, we can make a lasting impact on our children, their children, and their children!

By growing your faith and having fun while staying connected to the children in your family, you will play a key role in the future of your family's faith legacy. 

Inspiring you to a deeper relationship with Jesus while having fun and learning ideas for lasting connection with your grands is the mission of Faithfully Grand...

  • Do you wonder how you will keep your relationship with your grands strong and stay connected as they get older?

  • Are you longing for a regular place to share about your amazing grandchildren and nieces and nephews and their latest accomplishments?

  • Do you have a vision for leaving a great legacy for your family, but are not sure how to get there?

  • Does learning to study God's Word to go deeper in your relationship with Christ intimidate you, or make you feel overwhelmed?
  • Do you struggle with long-distance grandparenting or aunting (is that a word?) and need new ideas?
  • Have you hoped to find a group of like-minded women to connect with?
  • Do you wish you were surrounded by a supportive and encouraging sisterhood of grandmas & aunties who get you?

If you answered YES to any or all of the above, it's OK! You're not alone. You're in exactly the right spot and we've got you covered.

Welcome to Faithfully Grand

A community of big hearted, big dreaming current and future grandmas and aunties who know they can change the future of their family by having a faith so big, it overflows to impact future generations. It's not too late, and we are never too old to make a difference for ourselves and our family.

  • Community - Sisterhood
  • Guest Teachers
  • Resources
  • Bible Study
  • Book Club
  • Retreats
  • Mission Trips
  • and did we mention COMMUNITY?

Hi! I'm Tami 

An empty nest mom & grandma, voice actor, podcaster and business owner with a passion for helping online entrepreneurs. But something funny happened on the way to the pandemic... my family moved in with us and we went from an empty nester household of two to a bustling and busy full house of seven in a single day! I've always known how vital it is to pour unconditional love into our grandkids, but now I was presented with the opportunity daily. 

It occurred to me that so many grandmas are struggling to stay connected, and they might need a community to help them. The idea for Faithfully Grand was born during prayer one day, and now it's time to share it with you! ...I love to have fun and I love people! It  lights my soul on fire to see women grow strong. Let's build some legacies, shall we? 


What's Included, Tami?

I'm so happy you asked! Here's a list of what's planned so far, and since you are a founding member, you will have the ability to give feedback and let me know what works for you or how it could be better before we add more to our ranks. We are all growing and changing, so let's build something great together!

We will start here and add more as we grow!

  • A get-acquainted video call & periodic calls to stay in touch
  • Prayer request time
  • Bible Study / Book Club with weekly meetings to discuss the truths we are learning
  • Guest teachers who generously share their knowledge, tools and resources
  • A wonderful private Facebook community of like-minded women who get you, have your back and celebrate your stories!  

Let's Grow Together

You've found some of the pieces you need, but there is always room for more ideas. You need the support of a sweet community of faith-filled women!

Join Us!

Faithfully Grand is a place where grandmas and aunts grow a deeper faith and unlock a new future for coming generations. We are a legacy incubator, and you belong here!




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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time can I expect to invest each month?

I know you are BUSY! The goal here is to make progress and see your faith grow while connecting with other women.  This group is intended to enhance your life, not take it over. Spend as much or as little time here as you need.
What if I am unable to attend the Live Calls?    
No worries! If you are unable to attend live, all calls (except for prayer request calls) will be recorded and available in the member portal for you to view at your convenience.
Do I need to join a Facebook group to participate? 
We will use our private Facebook group for a lot of our interaction.  While it is certainly beneficial to be part of the community, it is not necessary to be in the Facebook group. Members have access to all the recordings in the Membership portal and can ask questions or leave comments there.
Do I need to be a grandma to join?  
No, you don't! While most of this sisterhood will be current grandmas, we certainly welcome those who will be grandmas someday, and those very special aunties who play such a huge part in their nieces and nephews lives! (as long as you don't mind us slipping up and calling you "grandma" in the  group now and then!) 
What if I join and it's not the right fit? Do you have a guarantee?
There is no risk in joining - I want this to be a safe place filled with like-minded women driven to grow a huge faith and make a difference in their families. If, within the first 5 days of being a monthly or annual member, you are certain this is not a fit for you, we will process a refund. Also remember you may join on a monthly basis and cancel anytime.
Where do I go if I have more questions?
Send us an email at [email protected]
Are you available throughout the month if I don't understand something or have any questions?
I'm so available you may get tired of seeing me! But seriously, I am here to support you throughout this journey. You may always email me privately, or even post questions in the group, and you'll find so many others will have answers for you, and not just moi.
I'm here, always, for your faith-building and  rockstar grandma-ing and auntie-ing success!     ~ Tami ~

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